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White people have wreaked havoc across the entire world. They have made "genocide get comfortable", enslaved, slaughtered, and tortured millions of people of color while stealing land in the name of "manifest destiny".

And now, we POC are tired of it. in the name of the ancestors that have died for us to have a voice, we hereby declare that white people must be stopped. No longer will we stand aside and watch as they steal and ruin our rich and beautiful cultures.

THIS BLOG CALLS OUT WHITE PEOPLE, HENCE THE URL. People of color do appropriate, but it is because white people began this tradition of dehumanization without any remorse.

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Which of these whiteys displays more white privilege by dehumanzing the suppressed POCs under white supremacy?
Amazing followers, do not send whoever we call out any sort of anonymous hate or death upon them. If you wish to send the honky a message, proceed to do so OFF of anoymous by asking questions about their racism or further calling them out on their white supremacist views without threatening their lives.


Black Locs

Jatas worn by sadhus (Hindu Yogi)

Japanese Geisha
(CC BY-SA Japanexperterna)

Hawaiian woman in traditional wear

La Catrina (Lady Death) on Dia de los Muertos

Indian woman in sari wearing a nose chain and bindi - (Aishwarya Rai in the beautiful movie Jodha Akbar)

Romani women celebrating their culture despite negative stereotypes in the world

Chief Sitting Bull wearing his much deserved and earned headdress for his bravery against the blue eyed devil

Inuit women in amauti, traditional Inuit clothing.

Hindu yoga

Jain Sadhvis participating in Jain Yoga

Thai Forest Tradition Buddhist monk

A painting of the First Wife and Queen Nefertari of the Ancient Egyptians who were Black, African, and gloriously inspired religion, philosophy, and everything of the ancient world that white people choose to ignore.


Nicki Minaj takin out white people who want to appropriate her culture and act like they know what it's like to be oppressed in a white supremacist society


Some troll that came out from under the bridge appropriating the sari and bindi

Another troll dressing up as an actual human being and stripping said human being's self worth and culture

A demon from the seventh level of hell dressing up as an actual human being and stripping said human being's self worth and culture

Icky Azalea trying to look like a Black woman by getting her flat ass inflated with mayonnaise

I think that's a human being? I'm not sure. The ugliness is very hard to tell.

A racist mayo stain decides that there is nothing wrong to dress up in the skin of another person she oppresses

The same aging carton of milk appropriates Egyptians who were African, not white. Imagine the backlash Beyonce would get if she decided to make a Viking inspired music video since the Vikings weren't Black. Katy Perry is also not on Bey's level. Katy Perry is on the dog shit level.

A white women modelling for a racist costume making company that dehumanizes Inuit by dressing up as them and calling the costume a racial slur


A plastic surgery disaster smiles as she remembers how 95% of the Native American race were wiped out by her ancestors so she could be able to wear the Native American headdress without being deemed as a racist as she truly is

White people wishing they had hair like the people they oppress and pressure to have hair like them--the white people

A very ignorant white girl appropriating the sugar skull makeup

Lady Gaga being pathetic

White women not knowing what they're doing.

NIcki Minaj making sure these crackers stay in their lane




Please Read These

Info about the mods/admins:

My name is Jessica. I live in Los Angeles and hopefully soon with my boyfriend. While or after I graduate college and become a history teacher for secondary school, I hope to become an author. I created this blog and have added wonderful women to help me run it.

Hi! Im Misha!!! Im French-Canadien living in western Canada! Im hoping to become a history teacher or something of the sorts c: im also vegan! feel free to ask me about that if you want c:

I’m Joyce, a Chinese born Canadian. I’m currently in the process of becoming an English teacher with an interest in the publication industry. 

I’m Farah, Pakistani-Muslim raised in Canada. University student. Hope to work in healthcare.

I’m Melanie, Colombian and Mdewakanton Dakota raised in Minnesota. I don’t have a boyfriend, but who really cares anyways? College Student majoring in American Indian Studies.

I’m Donya, I’m Persian and from Southern California. I’m also a Muslim and I hope to be a Pathologist one day.


What are dreadlocks? 

Dreadlocks is a term to describe the natural hair texture of those with African or Indian descent. Originating from cultures in Africa and common amongst the Yogis in India, this hairstyle is not for white people. Given the name “dreadlocks” by the white man when Africans were kidnapped from their home to become enslaved, the white man described their locks of hair as “dreadful”, since coming off the ships infested their hair with bugs, murky sea water, bile, and other “dreadful” things from the months-long voyage.


Why can’t dreadlocks be worn by white people?

For centuries, Black people have been suppressed by the white people, pressured into the white standards of beauty, and to not even be who they truly are as Black people. To advocate and spit in the face of white supremacy, Black people have gone to their roots and wear their hair as natural as it can be in the form of an afro, braids, and/or dreadlocks. It is also a type of sacred hairstyle in the religion Rastafarian, which is also a slap to the face of white supremacy from being told there is a White Jesus and a White God.

How can a white person wear dreadlocks when the entirety of dreadlocks is against them? Plus, their hair cannot dread naturally. It looks like snake shit coming out of their tangled and matted ass hair. 

Black culture has been appropriated since the dawn of time (speaking of when Blacks first stepped foot in the Western world). White people wearing dreads looks as hideous, disgusting, and ridiculous. 

Vikings or any Nordic culture did NOT have dreadlocks! They even have proof from Vikings and the Nordics, too! Read it all HERE! (scroll to the top for men’s hairstyles)


"But isn’t it the same thing as Black women straightening their hair and dying it blonde?" 

Let’s remember that no specific hair color or straight hair belongs to one race.

Black women spend millions of dollars in the hair industry to straighten their hair, and it’s not because they “like” it. From birth, Black women are taught to hate their natural hair and to love the white/European standards of beauty to have long, straight hair. 

White people aren’t taught to loathe their own hair and go “natural” as the kinky hair of Black people, which is why they would have dreadlocks. But… that makes no sense. 


How do you view interracial relationships with white people and POC?

It is perfectly fine unless the white person is doing it to make their parents angry or for reasons that relate to fetishization. You are not a toy. Do not let them treat you like one.


"So, basically, since I’m white… That means I can’t do yoga? Seems rather dumb." Let me finish your sentence.

Let me finish the sentence. “… since I’m white, I can’t do yoga”… because of the exploitation of a practice that is sacred in three Eastern religions and the common trait of the Western world that is guilty of theft of such things from outside cultures. The Western world also strips the religious/traditional meanings of what they steal and tries to make it their own as if what they have stolen just began to exist.


How come reverse racism doesn’t exist?

Racism is simply not when a race hates another. It has become more than that since white supremacy has come into the picture. Racism is when a race uses their power to suppress another, to demean another, and to even act in cruel and injustice ways most of that race and continue to steal, appropriate, and shame them.

White people cannot experience racism because of this—because of white supremacy. They are the ones with the power because of white supremacy in the world. And they have used their white power to suppress POCs (People of Color), to demean POCs, and to make a mockery out of POCs when in fact, without us, there wouldn’t even be America and England would be the laughing stock of the world.

To claim reverse racism, you are admitting that white people are the source of racism. So how can you be a victim of it?


What do you do when a member of the culture asks you to wear their attire?

If a member of a culture that is not your own invites you into said culture, then it is not cultural appropriation. It only is unless you steal from the culture.


Why are you so angry? Shouldn’t you fight hate with peace and not hate? 

Please check our /tagged/actual+nazis

We are not fighting hate with hate. We are fighting the mockery of our people with anger because white people are shaming our people and stealing from our people while they are benefitting from the enslavement, slaughter, and torture of our people.

If you’re white, then you’ll never truly understand. Try to see what we’re doing from our point of view as women of an oppressed race. 

Also, how is our anger more offensive than the racist shit white people put us through? Is this the first time for you as a white person where you’re not being babied and coddled? If you’re really too ignorant to understand then get off our blog. 


"The thing that brothers me the most of this page, is you keep saying "it has nothing to do with skin color" yet your blog is named WHITEpeoplestealingculture."

White people = people of the white race. This blog has nothing to do with skin color, but rather the white race using their power to steal from other cultures they oppress.

We hate white supremacy, racism and the actions of white people. We do not hate people specifically based on the color of their skin (that’s something white people usually do).


Do you have a personal blog?

We are not giving away this information.


What’s Blood Quantum? 

It’s the amount of Indian blood, that you as an individual possess as determined by the number of generations of Native people you descend from and that is process by the federal government ( BIA) to see whether or not you are considered to be Native American or not. it ranges from anywhere from being full blooded down to 1/32 (Cherokee goes down to 1/32 due to different massive removals sponsored by different administration of the U.S governments.) Some Nations also don’t have blood quantum due to low numbers and factors like that. I promise to be nice to people if they fall underneath the 1/8 marker, and they do have one enrolled or both parents enrolled at  a reservation or reserve.  FYI for all the noisy people, I’m an enrolled citizen of a small reservation in Southern Minnesota.- Melanie


Can I wear henna?

If you’re not from a culture that uses henna then you can’t do traditional designs, designs based off of traditional designs, etc. If you want to do something like a butterfly or something then its fine. If you were invited to (i.e. wedding, festival, other events by people of the culture) then ok for that specific occasion. -Donya


What about Belly Dancing?

If you’re not from a culture that belly dances then don’t. When people of the culture do it they get fetishized and shamed for it. When people outside the culture do it they get to be “exotic” and play with scarves then be able to take it off at the end of the day and never have to worry about it ever again. Not to mention is has been completely bastardized and hypersexualized (i.e. “tribal fusion”) by people from outside the culture which contributes to the struggles of MENAs. -Donya


Why do you answer everyone elses questions but not mine?

Because its either A) answered in the FAQ
B) Googleable
C) hate
D) we have no idea what youre trying to ask